22 April 2013Gone Fishin'

I've been changing gears a bit this year, I'd gotten a bit burnt out on making belts after last year. I did well, and moved a lot of belts, but it was getting a bit tedious. I'd figured out everything about how to make tire belts already.

The first couple months of the year I just completely took a break, worked on some house stuff, relaxed, went snowboarding quite a bit. In March I started getting back into production but very quickly felt burnt out again, it just isn't all that exciting anymore!

So I started planning out some ideas I'd had for a while. I tried working on them after some light belt production in the morning, but even that just made me want to get out of the shop. I just had to put the belts on hold completely for a while. I forced myself through some belts to build up a good stock and then got started with the fun stuff. After experimenting and figuring out techniques and tools and processes I came up with this:

A fish sculpture! I'm calling the idea in general 'Tiredermy', and have quite a bit more planned, in animal choices (mythical even!) , features (yes! I still love functional objects), and size (big and small!). I'd come up with the idea quite a while back of using little sections of tire as scales, feathers, plating, etc, but never had the time to actually sit and try it out. They were grand visions in my mind and needed a substantial chunk of time to even figure out where to start.

I'm pretty happy with how he turned out. At one point during assembly of body sections the fins just looked bad, I had used a different tire tread and layed them out kind of weird. I had to just tear them off at that point and remake them to the ones here. At that point I was getting really stoked on this project and finished him up pretty quickly.

Here's my main workbench after completing him with some of my tools. I definitely have a better idea of some more that will make my life easier going forward, my workspace will be getting a big overhaul before starting on a big one.

So far I've cleaned up that mess and started on another similarly sized fish. I'm trying some things a little differently to see if that helps or changes anything for the better. The bench is already looking pretty messy.

I'm really excited to continue this project and hope it is received well. I've got some neat ideas for some following sculptures so stay tuned!