28 August 2012Tire Delivery

The Bike Gallery has been delivering all their scrap tires to me for quite some time now. Last Monday was the latest delivery, and having been delayed a couple times, it was the biggest one yet.

There is another row of stacks behind this one here, definitely bigger than a passenger car! Our estimates put it at about 800-1000 tires, it's hard to tell though.

At this point I sort them into stacks of styles: road, hybrid, mountain, and colored tires. I also sort out the tires I can't use due to dry-rot, too worn, or just a tread that is too difficult to cut. These I take to the rubber recycler regularly.

And here they are sorted and added to the existing stock of tires in the backyard. Quite a lot of work to do, I should be well stocked for the holidays!

This was the coolest one of the bunch, transformers! Hopefully I can turn it into a suitable awesome belt.