25 May 2012Maker Faire

This past weekend I went to the Bay Area Maker Faire as one of the Bazaar Bizarre vendors. It was a ton of fun and has been my best show by far. It was also very inspiring and is giving me some motivation to get some other projects off the ground.

Here are some neat pictures from the weekend.

This thing had mist coming out of the lower flowers and button activated fire out of the upper ones.

This kept snaking through the grounds and all the barrels glowed various colors.

Neat construction, fun to climb too!

One of the many fire breathing dragons.

Hover Delorean! I saw this being backed off the trailer in the morning, so cool!

I didn't see this thing in operation, but if it's anything like I imagine, it must be terrifying.

It must be experienced in person to get the whole idea, I highly recommending going to one at some point. This isn't even close to covering everything that was there.