27 May 2011Braided belts

I was working on this with some thin strips of tire scrap at the market a couple weeks ago.

It still needs some further experimenting, but if I can get the braid tighter I should be able to start making some braided belts. Interesting stuff!

25 May 2011Worn out tools

A couple weeks ago I finally broke my hole punch.

Luckily I had seen the crack forming for a while and had already purchased a spare punch.

This thing punched many thousands of holes in it's life, and I love how mushroomed the top of it got. I must say I like the look of well worn tools. The new one is a bit higher quality so I'll see how it holds up in comparison.

23 May 2011Etsy shop open

I've had my Etsy shop back up for the past couple weeks after a long hiatus.

I've reorganized the way I handle Etsy as well as production and storage of belts so that I can keep more listed in the shop with about the same amount of work. A win for everybody!

Now the bad news is that I'll be closing the shop this Friday evening for a month while I hit the road. But, when I come back I'll be reopening it promptly and hopefully keeping it that way!