30 July 2010Last Thursday Recap

Heading to Alberta St on the I-205 path.

I finally decided to head out and sell at the monthly Last Thursday on Alberta St. Karen was at work with the car so I loaded up the Big Dummy with my goods and a table. Last Thursday is kind of a chaotic Portland tradition. There is no order or organization to the event. You just go and claim an open space to set up in.

Table is securely bungeed on. Didn't move once!

 Street level view of the ride in.

Pedaling hard.

Crowds are starting to assemble.

Street is packed!

I got there around 2:00 and Brian of Velo Gioielli was already there and had saved me a spot. After a quick setup it was time to wait! The street isn't closed to auto traffic until about 6:00 so it doesn't really get busy until then. Once it happens though it is a complete transformation. Cars are replaced by musicians, street performers, tall bikes, and other mobile contraptions. The police come through at around 10:00 to clear out the street and push the vendors back onto the sidewalk. I decided to call it a night at that point and pack up to head home.

A nice night ride back home.

Reflective stripes on the bags work well.
Ghostly visions of bikes!

28 July 2010Photos

I've been slowly working on updating my shop and website designs, with the fantastic help of my friends at Super Runaway. Here are some product photo ideas.

And some others just for fun.

13 July 2010In Progress: Buckles

I was working on some buckles in the garage last night. I thought it might be interesting to take some photos during the process.

12 July 2010Breaking Records

Last Tuesday I set what I believe is the new (unofficial) record for hauling discarded tires by Big Dummy.

A rather tall load.

As far as I know, the new record is set at 102 tires. I got these, along with some groceries over a loop of about 19 miles through southeast Portland.

102 tires unloaded and sorted.