13 May 2010Something for the pups.

This week I spent some time cranking out dog collars and keychains (I'm always cranking out belts). The dog collars had been a heavily requested item at the market. After doing some research (measuring collars at Petco) and acquiring some new hardware (different buckles and d-rings) I was ready to create!

These are all sized up and ready to go. I am trying something new with off centered patterns and colors, for the time being, I like it. I had already sold one of the first batch (just five in all) last weekend, and given another away for testing (with good results). I'll keep seeing how they do at the market for a bit before making more to put on Etsy.

The keychains are the same as they've been, just some new patterns and colors to liven things up.

11 May 2010Flowers are blooming.

Recently I became lucky enough to use Brain Mock's workshop to weld up some of my own fancy sculptures. I've had many ideas over the past couple months, but the first thing I've been making is flowers and vases (out of bike parts of course).

Little vase.

Bigger vase.
I really like how the six chain link flowers came out.

Even better with cutout chain plates.
These are a little wobbly and I left the flowers loose. The next ones will have a heavier and wider base and I will probably tack the flowers to the base to keep them from moving around and falling. Hooray for welding!