03 September 2010Big Orders!

I'm going to be in the Uncommon Goods Holiday catalog this year and as such I will be sending them a lot of belts. Here is the first order that will be going out.

I've got 144 problems...

...and each one is a belt.

So this is 144 belts that will ship out in about two weeks, they still have to be sized, so the overall volume will be a little smaller. It is still a lot of belts. Another identical order will be going out at the end of October as well, followed by orders for whatever they need after that. It's a great opportunity for me, they reach people I might not.

By my calculations I've sold maybe 2000 belts since I've started this whole shebang. If I'm to reach my goal of a belt to every person in the world, I have about 6,866,584,301 more to go. I'm going by this figure.

Anyhoo, what with this big order and the holidays coming up I've needed to order lots of buckles. If you've ever wanted to know what over 120 pounds of buckles looks like, here you go!

Did I mention I love my UPS guy?

There's not much to compare it to there, but you are looking at somewhere around 1500 buckles. I am hoping this will get me all the way through the holidays, though it would be awesome if I had to order the other 6,866,582,801.