19 April 2010Made in Oregon

I like that Saturday Market is near this sign.

We had some great weather this weekend for Saturday Market: warm, sunny, we'll forget about that brief rain shower on Saturday. It was great to be out on the waterfront taking it all in. We even had a rainbow on Sunday thanks to some low flying moisture.


I spent a couple days last week learning how to use our sewing machine and making some new fitted tablecloths. Those combined with some new tables and table leg extensions added some substance to the booth. I made a couple mistakes sewing the tablecloths, but they aren't really noticeable.

Test run in parking spot B2.

We even got a corner spot on Sunday!

They definitely helped make the booth a little more professional looking, and gave us some hidden storage space too. Next in the plans is some fancier signage and some sort of wall to hang art from.

Steel Bridge from the waterfront.