21 April 2010Cargo Biking

Loaded with delicious cargo.

I recently had Eli at Lemolo Baggage make some custom bags for my Big Dummy. The stock Xtracycle bags were not doing it for me anymore -- things were bouncing out and not protected from the elements (mostly rain).

These new bags are so enormous I could probably fit in the main compartment. There are two other pockets with flaps on the outside, and unflapped (unflappable?) pockets on the front and rear. So far I've mostly used the outside pockets for things like a lock, bungees, a rain jacket, and sammiches. That leaves the main compartment ready for cargo, and keeps all that other stuff easily accessible.

The mass of groceries.

On Monday Karen and I noticed we had no food left in our house. I had gotten my work done and it was a nice day, so we got on the Dummy and rode down to the grocery store. We needed everything and then some, but even with everything loaded, the Dummy could have probably handled a bit more. I am loving these bags!

Two big grocery bags and a baguette.

Two big grocery bags, two plastic bags, and a bottle of wine. (We didn't have enough reusable bags with us)
These have worked out great for tire runs too; I can probably fit about 15-20 tires in them before I have to start stacking them up top. This keeps me from spending time attaching them with bungees. Today I have some more Dummy-oriented errands planned and I am looking forward to it.