03 March 2010Saturday Market Prep

Saturday Market starts in less than three days, so I decided it was time to try setting up the canopy tent I bought last week. It was accomplished with minimal fuss. Some modification to a leg was needed and I also took a break to see if I could fit inside the bag it comes in (I can).

The fruit of my labors.

It is a bit sparse, but I'll be having some more belts hanging on the right, also I will be in there. Eventually I'll make something for them to hang on instead of the frame. I'd also like to make a corner wall in the back right to hang artworks on. For now there is only one art and it is hanging in the upper left from a piece of spoke.

A hastily printed sign, and one of four sand-filled PVC tubes.

I should get some sort of stencil made and print the logo on wood.


 The cupcake tray relives as a belt tray.


It's not much for now, but I think it works!
My... art!