19 March 2010Lab Time - Keychains!

I set aside some time for designing new products this week. I had been wanting to do keychains for a while, and had thought up some designs, so I got myself to work!

Strips of tire all prepped for assembly.

I made most of them with a simple d-ring for key attachment, some of the others have either a bolt snap or trigger snap if you wanted to remove the keys.

Assembly complete!

The design is a simple loop with a snap so you can attach it to pretty much anything. I use mine on my messenger bag shoulder strap. Karen uses hers on the strap of her shoulder bag. You can toss the whole thing in a bag and easily grab the loop to get it out. You can snap it around a belt and use one of the bolt snap or trigger snap ones to get your keys off, or use the bolt snap to attach it to a belt loop and keep your keys in the eye section of the snap. There are many possibilities!

My mass of keys.

I listed one in my Etsy shop and am bringing the rest to this weekend's Saturday Market. If there is some good response, I'll be making a lot more of them! Next week's lab time will be working on dog collars, that's right.