01 February 2010Stocking Up

My goal for these slow months of the new year has been to shore up the number of belts I have ready. After a month of work I am up to 126 belts! This is not including the dozen I have listed in my Etsy store.

 Belts awaiting their fate.

A small number of these are on a shelf next to my desk ready to be listed at a moment's notice! This was how I organized myself during the holiday rush, it really isn't necessary anymore. It works though!

 Box o' belts.

Most of the belts have been moved into this box and put into storage. My custom dividers make grabbing a mountain, hybrid, or road belt extremely easy!

My goal has been to have about 200 belts by the end of the month when the Saturday Market starts. With another 40 belts expected to be ready by this weekend this should not be a problem! If only all the other things that need to get done were going to be this easy.