20 January 2010Welding!

I signed up for a welding class at Portland Community College and last night we actually got to start welding! I started out just laying some beads, tacking plates together, and attempting to weld the two plates.

Two practice plates welded together.

Right-most weld is just a simple bead, in the middle of the plate was an attempt at welding the two plates. The bead there was a little low, more filler next time!

An attempt at a T weld.

I was pretty much unsupervised the whole time so I attempted this weld, which apparently is a difficult one. I did manage to eventually get a bead to form. Next week I will try a larger torch tip and more filler.

The class is really fun and I am excited about the possibilities of stuff to make. I need to find a space to weld on my own!