20 January 2010Sunny Days!

Monday was a beautiful day for a bike ride. I was practically giddy as I made my way downtown to cross the river and collect some tires. As I crossed the river I stopped in the waterfront park to bask in the glory of the day.

The bike needs to bask as well.

Then I got back to business, collected my tires, and headed home. On the way back I usually pass by Laurelhurst City Park. I've never gone in, but decided today was the day.

There was some sort of algal bloom going on.

Sitting at the bench, enjoying the algae.

After some water, I took it back to the streets. I apologize for the Battlefield Earth style photos to follow, but they were taken while on the move.

An interesting alley, lined by tiny garages and houses.

Burnside Street bike lane.

A dangerous crack.

 At this point, Burnside is divided by the MAX line.

Another successful ride.

Do you want lunch?