09 January 2010Hauling Tires

I've finally set up some routes that allow me to hit a lot of bike shops in search of tires during the week. Monday is the west side of the river, Wednesday is the Northeast, Friday is the Southeast. Of course, visiting more shops mean more tires. Here's me at the end of Wednesday's tour with about 20 tires total.

The smaller, more foldable ones are in the bag itself, and once the bag is full I just strap them to the outside with bungees.

Friday I came up with a better bungee system and was able to bring home a whopping 27 tires (40 pounds!). I need to hurry up and build my cargo bike back up before spring is here, since my back can only take so much more of this!

Visiting more shops means seeing more cool stuff too! Monday at 21st Avenue Bicycles I found out about an upcoming art show/bike event where I'll be showing my bike part wall sculptures and giving some belts out as prizes. I'll also have some fun getting crushed on the roller races there. Wednesday at The Missing Link I was able to ride an old Yankee bicycle down the street to try out it's wacky gear shift mechanism, and Friday at Oregon Bike Shop I talked with the owner about the local mountain bike race scene. That will be a great time, and hauling all these tires should be good training for that!