18 October 2013This Week's Production

I got a whole variety of goods made this week! First off, some keychains:

I try to top up my stock of keychains weekly at this point. I've got some going out to stores, and at the market it seems like the more I have, the more I sell.

New buckles, finally!

I'd been out for a while, and started this batch about a week and a half ago. They take a while to finish with all the layers of resin and poly! I have a couple new styles with circles of tire, I like them a lot and will keep doing them, should be starting another batch next week.

And now something just for fun, tire mark bags!

I'd been wanting to do this for a while, made myself two roller tools this morning with two different treads and got a bunch of these painted. I'll have them this weekend at the Saturday Market, and hopefully for every show I do!

22 April 2013Gone Fishin'

I've been changing gears a bit this year, I'd gotten a bit burnt out on making belts after last year. I did well, and moved a lot of belts, but it was getting a bit tedious. I'd figured out everything about how to make tire belts already.

The first couple months of the year I just completely took a break, worked on some house stuff, relaxed, went snowboarding quite a bit. In March I started getting back into production but very quickly felt burnt out again, it just isn't all that exciting anymore!

So I started planning out some ideas I'd had for a while. I tried working on them after some light belt production in the morning, but even that just made me want to get out of the shop. I just had to put the belts on hold completely for a while. I forced myself through some belts to build up a good stock and then got started with the fun stuff. After experimenting and figuring out techniques and tools and processes I came up with this:

A fish sculpture! I'm calling the idea in general 'Tiredermy', and have quite a bit more planned, in animal choices (mythical even!) , features (yes! I still love functional objects), and size (big and small!). I'd come up with the idea quite a while back of using little sections of tire as scales, feathers, plating, etc, but never had the time to actually sit and try it out. They were grand visions in my mind and needed a substantial chunk of time to even figure out where to start.

I'm pretty happy with how he turned out. At one point during assembly of body sections the fins just looked bad, I had used a different tire tread and layed them out kind of weird. I had to just tear them off at that point and remake them to the ones here. At that point I was getting really stoked on this project and finished him up pretty quickly.

Here's my main workbench after completing him with some of my tools. I definitely have a better idea of some more that will make my life easier going forward, my workspace will be getting a big overhaul before starting on a big one.

So far I've cleaned up that mess and started on another similarly sized fish. I'm trying some things a little differently to see if that helps or changes anything for the better. The bench is already looking pretty messy.

I'm really excited to continue this project and hope it is received well. I've got some neat ideas for some following sculptures so stay tuned!

28 August 2012Tire Delivery

The Bike Gallery has been delivering all their scrap tires to me for quite some time now. Last Monday was the latest delivery, and having been delayed a couple times, it was the biggest one yet.

There is another row of stacks behind this one here, definitely bigger than a passenger car! Our estimates put it at about 800-1000 tires, it's hard to tell though.

At this point I sort them into stacks of styles: road, hybrid, mountain, and colored tires. I also sort out the tires I can't use due to dry-rot, too worn, or just a tread that is too difficult to cut. These I take to the rubber recycler regularly.

And here they are sorted and added to the existing stock of tires in the backyard. Quite a lot of work to do, I should be well stocked for the holidays!

This was the coolest one of the bunch, transformers! Hopefully I can turn it into a suitable awesome belt.

25 May 2012Maker Faire

This past weekend I went to the Bay Area Maker Faire as one of the Bazaar Bizarre vendors. It was a ton of fun and has been my best show by far. It was also very inspiring and is giving me some motivation to get some other projects off the ground.

Here are some neat pictures from the weekend.

This thing had mist coming out of the lower flowers and button activated fire out of the upper ones.

This kept snaking through the grounds and all the barrels glowed various colors.

Neat construction, fun to climb too!

One of the many fire breathing dragons.

Hover Delorean! I saw this being backed off the trailer in the morning, so cool!

I didn't see this thing in operation, but if it's anything like I imagine, it must be terrifying.

It must be experienced in person to get the whole idea, I highly recommending going to one at some point. This isn't even close to covering everything that was there.

09 November 2011The New Hotness

I visit a lot of bike shops, and in these bike shops there are tons of rad people. Sometimes they'll ask me to make them a belt out of one of their own tires, and in these situations I'll sometimes get excited to try new things.

Lately I've been experimenting with rivets and chain plates, so I added some to this belt I made for Russ at Coventry Cycle. I'm still playing around with the whole process, but these will be appearing on production belts soon. Here's another picture just because I'm that stoked.

19 September 2011Deluxe Belts

I've been working on some new designs that have been rolling around in my head for a while. I'd write something about them, but pictures will do a better job.

The idea is to stay creative with these and keep trying new designs, hope you like them! You can find these and a couple more in this section of my Etsy shop.

03 June 2011Collaborating

I had the good fortune to meet a new vendor at Saturday Market a couple weeks ago. Trent at Rhythmic Metal makes some sweet buckles, and other metal art. He's got some bike themed ones, buckles made entirely of chain and cogs, and some other neat looking designs. Check out his Etsy shop or find him at the Saturday Market.

Our stuff works together well, and we've been lucky enough to set up next to each other at the market a couple times. The sum is greater than the parts!